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Meditation is both an art and a science. By this we mean that Meditation, as a science, is a process which follows a particular order, has definite principles, and produces results that can be verified. As an art, Meditation increases awareness and emphasizes acceptance of feelings and thoughts without judgment. It fosters relaxation of body and mind while allowing an individual the inward focus and self-connection needed to understand oneself . It even has been said to tap the well-springs of creativity in some individuals!

Our clients are individually trained in a variety of techniques which can assist them in focusing their minds and redirecting their thoughts. Measurable changes are produced which evince the usefulness and necessity of Meditation.

Integrative Energy Therapy®

The capacity of living tissue cells to memorize and recall characteristics of the body from which they originated is known as 'Cellular Memory'. An individual's life experiences are stored in these cells. It is the raw and unprocessed memories which Integrative Energy Therapy® seeks to assist. It will get "the issues out of your tissues."

Integrative Energy Therapy® is a hands on healing power energy system which uses angelic energy to work directly with the body's cellular memory and energy field. It helps the individual to safely and gently release limiting energy patterns from one's past, empower and balance one's life in the present, and embody one's full potential as one moves into the future.

Body-Centered Energy Balancing

Body-Centered Energy Balancing is a holistic approach to regaining the vitality of body, mind, and spirit. It is a system of realigning and re-attuning the body's electromagnetic energy fields.

We all are made up of energy and that energy also surrounds us, it envelops us, it can even engulf us. It is found in everything in nature, be it animate or inanimate.

Like the electricity that flows through power lines in and around our homes; the body's energy flows through pathways in and around the body. Stress, physical and emotional traumas, stagnation, or unexpressed emotions can hamper the flow of that energy. When the body's pathways are interrupted, health and wellness can be compromised.

Using a gentle hands-on approach, the Body-Centered Energy Balancing practitioner stimulates certain points on the client's body thereby allowing energy, once blocked, to flow freely throughout.

Cellular Level Vibrational Sound Therapy

Physicists have said that everything that exists in the universe moves and vibrates. Nothing is at rest. This makes perfect sense when we break things down and look at matter on the subatomic level. There we discover that electrons are always moving and vibrating. Ultimately, scientists have discovered that at this subatomic level all matter is energy; vibrational energy.

It has been discovered that sounds and their resultant waves, along with vibratory movements, can effect the body in either a positive or a negative way. Cellular Level Vibrational Sound Therapy uses frequencies to help balance the body.

The practitioner channels vibrational healing through the use of specific sound instruments. During treatment vibrational sound waves are emitted by the resonating tones of these instruments. The sound vibrations travel deep inside the body clearing and re-balancing the subtle and physical energy of the body.

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Body-Centered Chakra Balancing

That spark of life that ignites our very being needs to freely flow within all of us. In this way, our inner light is allowed to shine through all we do with an incandescence. Sometimes however, the wheels that spin light inside us may be blocked. These "wheels of light" or "spinning wheels" are called chakras in Sanskrit; one of the oldest languages in the world.

Daily challenges in our lives may block our internal flow of energy. We feel an unevenness in our very being. Yet, we do not know how to correct it. Body-Centered Chakra Balancing realigns, strengthens and revitalizes the client's energy gateways. It works deeply on the internal flow of body energy. It brings the subtle body back into balance. The body's energy centers are completely cleared and allowed to freely flow again. It is the first step in any Body-Centered Energy Balancing treatmen

Spectro-Chrome(Light) Therapy

The powers of light and color have long been experimented with, had research conducted on, and studied extensively, both in and out of the Scientific Community. One of the many things which has been discovered is that light fuels the life of plants. Plants, in turn, fuel Life on the Planet. It is light which provides this energy to thrive.

With light, colors can be seen. These colors can evoke emotions, influence perception, affect moods, communicate ideas, signal responses, impact performance, and cause physiological reactions. Personal, cultural, and situational factors will most definitely play a part. So too will context and application.

Nevertheless, the interaction of light and color, and even darkness to some extent, radiates energy. These radiations correspond to specific colors. Spectro-Chrome Therapy uses these specific colors to bring about a gradation of physiological effects by first working on the aetheric body. It is a noninvasive light therapy technique that bathes the client in different colored light in order to restore balance to the aetheric body thereby giving the physical body the ability to heal itself.

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