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Colors, shapes, and images can profoundly grab hold of one's Soul! They often stir deep emotions within us on a very visceral level. What speaks to one, may not necessarily speak to another. Nevertheless, they invoke in each of us the need to investigate and find answers for ourselves.

We may all initially embark on divergent paths when searching for these answers. Ultimately, though, all these different paths will converge upon the same location. This is the location of the Self.

The very nature of the Self seeks to be recognized, to express Itself, even to liberate Itself! SoulCollage® is the very thing to assist the Self in achieving this. SoulCollage® is a wonderful, self-expressive, creative process that anyone can do. Therefore, it is not necessary to be artistic nor creatively-oriented.

Originated by Seena B. Frost, M.Div., M.A., it is a gift to the World that results in creations as unique as those individuals who partake of it. It provides a rich, one-of-a-kind experience that speaks uniquely to each one of us; but only if we listen. It gives birth to an intricately woven, non-

nonverbal tapestry of each individual's Soul.

Originated by Seena B. Frost, M.Div., M.A., itUsing simple materials: images obtained from sources like magazines, books, calendars, etc., scissors, glue, and mat board; one creates a personal deck of cards through collage. Each of these cards is a visual journey of the different aspects of the Self, of the people, places, things, and events that hold meaning to only you. They provide an intimate journey which can promote personal growth, self-awareness, and self-acceptance. Here, the many pieces that define an individual's uniqueness are self-examined and then visually woven together into a beautiful whole.

Working with the language of symbols, images, and archetypes, SoulCollage® awakens the intuitive nature of the Self. As one makes and works with the cards, an awareness of one's inner and outer worlds will unfurl. Through journaling, visualizations, and other activities, an intimate, personal, self-knowledge will emerge. Personal self-reflection, through readings, becomes the strength on which one relies. Intuitively, one finds the answers to questions which will help the Self navigate more smoothly through its World.

Awaken to the Possibilities of SoulCollage®

Building With SoulCollage®

Private SoulCollage® Card Consultations

In this introduction workshop the principles of SoulCollage® are discussed. The workshop includes a general overview of the SoulCollage® process as well as an introduction to the four "suits" of the SoulCollage® deck. Participants will have the opportunity to make their first SoulCollage® card and hone their listening skills through the "I am one who..." exercise.


You've become enamored with SoulCollage®? Our introduction workshop has left you anxious for more! Then, our more indepth SoulCollage® workshops are for you! In small, facilitated groups, we work and play within the constructs of SoulCollage®. Each of our five gatherings explores in greater depth the practices of SoulCollage:

• Inner Voices Explored

• Wisdom Honored

• Companions Discovered

• Council Gathered

• The Narrative Celebrated

•Acknowledging the Shadow

We offer personalized, one-on-one directed card readings for exploring life questions. Using your individualized SoulCollage® cards, we explore a variety of ways to approach issues. Through suits, symbols, card placement and reoccurring imagery, we unlock the mysteries in your Soul!

An Invitation to SoulCollage®

Open Studio Time*

This is our personal invitation to those who want to become part of an on-going, facilitated, small group that wishes to meet monthly. Here we share our new SoulCollage® cards.

We also do SoulCollage® card readings, while we witness and scribe for each other. This allows us to move deeply into the core of ourselves where wisdom resides. This is an intimate group who gather with respect for each other's privacy.

The first Saturday of the month is our open studio time. Each month we set aside some time for all those individuals who want to get away and make SoulCollage® cards. We provide some quiet, nurturing, safe space by which to work. You can check our times for this and any of our workshops on our Events page. All are welcome regardless of whether or not one has attended an Introduction to SoulCollage® Workshop.

*Space is limited. So, please call ahead and reserve your spot.

SoulCollage® Workshops and Open Studios Price List:

Awaken to the Possibilities of SoulCollage®-Exchange:$25.00 for 2 hr. intro

Materials included (Space limited to 6 people, so must pre-register).

Building With SoulCollage®-Exchange: $45.00 per each 4 hrs. workshop or


for all 5 workshops (when in combination)

Inner Voices Explored

Wisdom Honored

Companions Discovered

Council Gathered

The Narrative Celebrated

Acknowledging the Shadow

Private SoulCollage® Card Consultations-Exchange:$50.00 for 1 hr. consultation

$75.00 for 1 1/2 hr. consultation

An Invitation to SoulCollage®-Exchange:$40.00 for each 4 hr. group gathering; materials included

Open Studio Time-Exchange:$25.00 for each 4 hr. gathering; plus materials cost  

*All services are completely confidential.

* Ask about our multiple session discounts.

*Many services may be performed at the client's home.

Check with the individual practitioner for which services are available this way.

*All our services are provided on a sliding-scale basis.

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