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Somatic Movement Guidance

Our bodies are always in motion. Even when we are standing, sitting, or lying still, our bodies perform autonomic movements. Most times we are not consciously aware of these movements at the time they are taking place. Nevertheless, the body knows what and how to do things.

It can therefore, be said, that all of our bodies are intelligent. They hold both experience and knowledge. The body's experience is shaped by its structure and its function. The body's knowledge is a result of its own personal life experience within the context of the environment it shares on the planet; and in its small corner of its world.

More often than not, we do not listen to the body's experience and knowledge. We almost never consciously examine, nor dwell upon, our involuntary movements. In effect, we do not listen to, nor know, the living body.

Somatic Movement Guidance is the discovery process of the whole living body. The Practitioner guides the client through his or her examination of that living body. Through observation, support and exploration, the client begins to deepen his or her awareness of the movement that is going on within the living body.

The client will increase ease and range of motion, while at the same time experience a complete sense of relaxation. Through aligning rhythmic breathing, slow, stylized movement, and awareness while in a calm mindful state; the client moves toward freedom from restrictions in both body and mind

Permeative Breathwork™

With one simple action, we change our world. This is the act of breathing. From the womb, we emerge and breath. As we do so, our lungs expand to almost full capacity.

It is from this point on that one's pattern of breathing will supply the necessary source of energy to one's body. The amount of that energy will depend on just how much oxygen is supplied to each cell. Therefore, maintaining good health is directly related to the quality of one's breathing

Permeative Breathwork™ starts with simple breathing techniques which will begin to reduce stress and promote relaxation. From there the individual learns more advanced breathing techniques. These techniques allow the body to become aware of either physical or emotional states which affect itself. With repeated efforts, one will learn to retrain one's muscles and automatic responses. This retraining directly influences the body's total health.

For those who wish to go even deeper, Permeative Breathwork™ leads the individual beyond ordinary consciousness. It is an active form of meditation. One which always leads the individual back to an awareness of breath and the subtle dimensions of one's existence.

Private Yoga Sessions

Our hectic lives often do not afford us the opportunity to properly take care of the Self. When we do make time to concentrate on the Self; Yoga is one of the directions many of us take nowadays. Known for its positive effects on health, emotional well being, mental clarity, and happiness, some form of Yoga has been practiced for over a millennium.

However, today locations and classes may not be available to us, when we are available for them. Private Yoga sessions may be the answer. Personalized, private Yoga sessions are one of the most effective forms of unifying body, mind, and spirit. Our private Yoga sessions are thoughtfully and intuitively designed.

In a non intimidating environment, we meet at each individual's specific comfort level. We recognize that all bodies and minds develop and change over time at different rates. Thus, each person's individual Yoga practice needs to respond to those changes, as they occur, in order to remain effective. We only increase challenges when a new foundation for growth is in order for that particular client.

Our instructors give personalized attention to breathing techniques (Pranayama), physical postures (Asanas), and relaxation technique (Savasana). Clients may see a number of things change with the body. These may include, but are not limited to, an increase in mobility, increased flexibility, improved balance, improved posture, a higher energy level, increased strength, and increased tone.

At the same time, we stress the importance of "being", and not just "doing". With practice, an individual becomes more adept at "being". The mind may become sharper. Distractions may decrease. Actions may seem to flow effortlessly and efficiently without thought. One becomes more aware of the true nature of Self. A union of body, mind, and spirit occurs and the individual can achieve a higher state of Being.

Private Qi Gong Sessions

The word Qi Gong, pronounced "Chee Kung" or sometimes, "Chee Gung", literally means cultivation of the life force or vital energy which flows through all things in the universe. The process of Qigong involves rhythmic breathing which is coordinated with the slow, stylized repetition of certain fluid movements. The intention is to carry this out in a calm, mindful state; while visualizing "qi" flowing through the body.

Our instructors assist each client in the self-cultivation of aligning breathe, movements, and an awareness of the focused intention needed.

Photo courtesy of Phil Date

Private Tai Chi Sessions

A centuries-old Chinese Tradition , Tai Chi is an art which embraces body, mind and spirit. It originated from the practice of Qi Gong; which itself is an ancient Chinese discipline that has its roots in traditional Chinese medicine. Tai Chi combines slow, deliberate, rhythmic movements, with both meditation and breathing exercises.

The slow, meditative body movements that were originally designed for self-defense and to promote inner peace and calm, have been reported to help decrease stress and anxiety. Another wonderful characteristic of its use is that it has been shown to increase flexibility and balance in individuals who regularly practice it.

Our instructors are trained in all three of the most popular styles of Tai Chi: Yang, Wu, and Tai Chi Chih. They can assist individual clients at each one's own level of comfort and experience.

*All services are completely confidential.

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*Many services may be performed at the client's home.

Check with the individual practitioner for which services are available this way.

*All our services are provided on a sliding-scale basis.

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