DC-New York

     "I was lucky enough to meet Marisa Moeller, from The Alternative Therapists Partnership.  Marisa is a caring and kind person.  As a therapist, this shines through in the way she puts you at ease whether this is your first time in therapy or if you have been in therapy previously.  Marisa operates differently than most therapists.  She doesn't adhere to the typical 50 -60 minute session.  She tries to allow more than enough time to really deal with whatever issues are at hand. The best is that Marisa offers an array of modalities to assist you on your journey. She offers so much; including psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, somatic movement guidance, addiction recovery coaching, and more.  I am so grateful I found Marisa and the Alternative Therapists Partnership. She has helped me on my journey in so many ways; body, mind, and spirit!"

AE-New York



      "I must admit that the thought of  Past Life Regression Therapy has always intrigued me.  Ever since I was young I would very often misplace certain items.   Friends would joke with me that I must have done something in a past life for this to keep happening to me.  So, I began to wonder exactly what it was that I had done, or not done, in the past which may have led to these issues now.  Since I consider myself open-minded, I thought I would give this type of therapy a go.

     A friend gave me Marisa's contact information, so I made an appointment.  However, when the day arrived , I got a bit nervous. I was not really sure what to expect.  From the very beginning Marisa made me feel really comfortable.  She explained what Past Life Regression Therapy is and how it works.  Marisa's warm, open and inviting presence quickly put my mind at ease.  

     I have to say that it was a wonderful experience! In fact, it was quite insightful!  It brought into clarity a number of issues and revealed a number of ways I could change my future.  I became an active participant in my own destiny!  As a result, I was able to bring both healing and balance into my life.  My Consciousness changed from that very first Session.  I have been going to Marisa ever since!"

JW-New York

     "I was being coached and I didn't even know it! All kidding aside, I cannot express how invaluable my time with Marisa Moeller has truly been. The fact that she meets me on my turf, says something about the woman. She understands that time is money and that you need to get the job done when and where you can!  

     Always Professional, but with the genuineness of an old friend. She shows up, she listens, she remembers everything ( I still don't know how she does it!), and then she's ready to assist me in tackling any number of current work situations and/or issues.

     Marisa is always prepared to remind me of my strengths and build up my confidence, enabling me to target the specific issues and zero in on particular plans of action. She has given me the appropriate tools and taught me how to use them . I feel I can meet any challenge and/or resolve any conflicts which arise in the workplace."

AH-New Jersey

     "My life was spiraling out of control! I had already made so many bad decisions and too many mistakes to keep track of. I wasn't sure which direction to take.  That's when a friend recommended Marisa to me. My friend said 'Get ready! You've never met a therapist quite like this one!' Boy was she right!

     Marisa's positive energy is boundless. She's your friend,. She's your mentor. She never judges you or your actions. She simply provides the space for issues to be as they are.  Marisa helped me see where I was at that very moment. She helped me become mindful of my thoughts and actions. She then provided me with the techniques I needed to let go of the negative thoughts and judgements about the past and the future.  I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to change their life!

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